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Church History

The honorable Late Reverend Roy W. Johnson was the founder of Mount Calvary Community Church and the first Vice President under the Late Reverend Clarence H. Cobbs of the Metropolitan Spiritual Churches of Christ. He preached his first sermon at the age of fourteen. He grew spiritually and in the knowledge of Christ under the guidance and leadership of both the Late Bishop William F. Taylor and  the Late Elder Leviticus L. Boswell, who were the founders and pastors of the Metropolitan Spiritual Church of Kansas City, Missouri.

In December of 1932, following the leading of the Holy Spirit, Reverend Johnson came to Omaha, Nebraska with only thirty-five cents in his possession. In January 1933 he organized the Metropolitan Spiritual Church of Omaha, Nebraska, which was later renamed Mount Calvary Community Church.

Rev. Johnson began holding services in a larger private home, and then finally, in 1937, Rev. Johnson was able to purchase a corner plot of land at the address of 2426 Grant Street Omaha, Nebraska. The church was built by the hands of  he and the original congregation members and will remain as Rev. Johnson's living legacy for next 50 years.

By the mid-1940's . He was the pacesetter in Omaha. For example, Mount Calvary was the first black church in Omaha to use the electric organ and drums in the service. 

Reverend Roy W. Johnson passed away at his home in 1975. He was 72 years old at the time. The Assistant Pastor Reverend Alonzo Frazier, a native of Omaha, served as Acting pastor from July 1975 until early June of 1976 when he was formally installed as the second pastor of Mount Calvary. He led the church for eight years and he eventually resigned his position as the Pastor in 1983. 

In August of 1983 Bishop William H. Foeman was called to be the Pastor of Mount Calvary and was formally installed as the third Pastor in November of 1983. Under the leadership and guidance of Bishop Foeman, Mount Calvary grew even more and with the vision that God had given him, he was able with the help of the Lord to move the church from 2426 Grant Street to the "CHURCH ON THE HILL" located at 5112 Ames Avenue Omaha, Nebraska 68104.  On Tuesday, October 9, 2012 Bishop William Foeman fell asleep to forever eternally be with the Lord. Bishop Foeman was well known and loved and his legacy will live on. After the death of Bishop Foeman, Reverend Robert Rodgers became the Interim Pastor until the Lord directed the church for the next leader that should Pastor the flock of God.

After much prayer, fasting and seeking God for direction,  Pastor James P. Walker, of Baltimore, MD, was voted in as the fourth Senior Pastor of Mount Calvary Community Church In September 2014.  This man of God brought the Word of God, great vision and purpose to the Mount Calvary members. To God be the glory for the things that he has done! Pastor James P. Walkers tenure ended in 2018 and Mount Calvary is actively petitioning the Lord for a Senior Pastor.

On September 4, 2020, the membership of Mount Calvary under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, voted in Bishop Kevin J. Chambers as the fifth Senior Pastor of Mount Calvary Community Church. Bishop Chambers, is the grandson of the late Archbishop A. Leonard Posey, fourth leader of the Metropolitan Spiritual Churches of Christ, Inc. Bishop Chambers brings a wealth of Godly wisdom and great love for the people of God. He is dedicated to the members of Mount Calvary and the community at large. As Bishop Chambers continues to follow God, his vision is sure to lead Mount Calvary into the next phase of history.

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